Sattva Consulting


We are driven by impact and powered by knowledge. We bring the right balance of head-heart-hand to our work. We believe that age-old problems need new-age thinking and rigorous implementing, with empathy at the core.

And that's what we deliver for our customers and partners!

At the heart of our work is the ability to collaborate with multiple stakeholders, and co-create inclusive working models that help each organisation achieve its own place in the Magic Quadrant - where its economic value as well as social impact is maximised.
The last 50 years have witnessed unprecedented growth leading to significant enhancements in the quality of life for most of us. However, it is undeniable that this development has also greatly increased inequality across the world, leaving behind more of us than we are able to take forward.

We help organisations design and execute inclusive models that are innovative, economically viable and add equitable value to all the different stakeholders involved in the chain.

As knowledge-driven organisation that aims to be strategic partners to customers, we strive to build an outside in perspective, continue to be curious and constantly discover new ways of solving social problems at scale.
One step ahead. All the time.

Sattva's founding team started with an audacious dream to end poverty in their lifetime. Since 2009, their journey has taken many turns - but always focused on the true-North of their mission.

Our passionate, mission-driven young team comes from diverse backgrounds, with stellar professional credentials and is bound together by the same irrational commitment to social impact!

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