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Determinants of Mental Health in India

Decoding what causes diseases requires a deeper understanding of the underlying factors or determinants which affect health. These determinants do not operate in silos and interact with other factors, cumulatively driving health outcomes. Mental health is a complex issue and, much like health, is caused by a complex interplay of

Decoding Women's Unpaid Labour with Dr Sona Mitra

Decoding Women’s Unpaid Labour with Dr Sona Mitra

    According to PLFS 2021, a staggering 80% of women attribute their absence from the labour force to being engaged in domestic duties, making the unpaid labour economy a central theme for the discourse on women’s economic participation in India. In this podcast episode, we try to understand the

Decoding Gender Data Gaps with Mitali Nikore

In this episode, we discuss gaps in gender-disaggregated data at the national level, and their impact on solution design to improve female labour force participation, with economist Mitali Nikore.

An Indian woman farmer on her field

Seeing the Unseen Workforce: Women in Agriculture

Agriculture is one of the main sources of livelihood for women in rural India. Despite their contribution and value addition, however, women are viewed as informal workers who are characterised as domestic support or even go unpaid.

Swati Kumari

Swati brings 10 + years of holistic work experience in the social impact sector working in various roles with foundations, nonprofits, CSRs and social enterprises. As an Associate Principal at Sattva, Swati leads the sub-business unit Programme Advisory and Management within the Foundations team.

Addressing the Low Female Labour Force Participation in India

COVID-19 presented an opportunity to re-evaluate structural barriers and to “build back better”. Our blog on the SelectHER programme highlights how long-term engagements can add value to the employability of women and bring meaningful change in society.

Enabling Women Entrepreneurship

Sattva brought global and domestic philanthropists, private sector leaders, multi-laterals, and a social enterprise together, for a roundtable conversation on market-led scalable models for enabling women entrepreneurs.

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