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Touchpoint Highlights: Tackling Food Losses

The seventh session in the SKI Touchpoint series was conducted by the Agriculture Practice Area, on the theme of ‘Tackling Food Losses: A Circular Approach.’ The session was moderated by Sattva Knowledge Institute’s Debaranjan Pujahari, Principal and Lead at Agriculture Practice Area of SKI, with Devyani Hari, Director at Centre

Decoding Agricultural Technology with Parmesh Shah

Technology has the potential to revolutionise Indian agriculture. There are innovations in seed and bioengineering platforms, use of robots and AI and blockchain that are enhancing efficiency and transparency in the sector. India’s agritech industry is projected to reach over ₹1 trillion by 2025. The recent 2023-24 budget allocated INR

Worsening Water Stress in Agriculture: Is There a Glimmer of Hope?

India has 18% of the world’s population and 4% of the water resources, making the dynamic heavily skewed. Agriculture accounts for a whopping 89% of the water use in India, compared to 69% at the global level. Compared to other leading agricultural producers like Brazil, the USA, and China, India

Decoding Climate Finance with Varad Pande

The planet is on the verge of exceeding the 1.5 centigrade limit established by the 2015 Paris Agreement, placing the issue of climate change front and centre for all of us today. On the other side of this crises are vulnerable nations, who have fewer resource to fight climate change,

Strengthening Millet Value Chains through Private Sector Collaboration

Millets are gaining importance in India’s discourse around climate change and sustainability due to their nutritional benefits, such as their high protein and dietary fibre content. The Indian government is campaigning to mainstream millets and make India the global hub for millets.Private sector brands are expanding their product baskets to

Decoding Green Growth with Amitabh Kant

India’s G20 presidency is coming at a historic time. In the face of a mounting economic crisis, along with the demands placed by climate change, it is important for leading nations to pave a way for the world that is enduring and sustainable in the long term. ‘Green growth’ emerges as

Impact of Climate Change on your business / organisation

Impact of Climate Change on your Business/ Organisation

Author : Shriram Bharathan R, Advisor, Environmental Sustainability Anthropogenic emissions (emissions caused by human activity) have caused climate change and the impact of this climate change affect all life – from microbes to humans and oceanic behemoths on the planet – negatively. The European Environment Agency estimates that the economic

ESG: Does it Matter?

ESG: Does It Matter?

Vipul Arora Environmental, social and governance (ESG) is a term that has gained increasing importance in recent years, particularly for corporations and investors in these enterprises. ESG is a research and analysis framework that allows ‘Institutional Investors’ and Companies to assess their risks and opportunities, with respect to their environmental,

Indian farmer

Are Corporates key to unlocking the promise of Regenerative Agriculture?

Introduction: Regenerative agriculture is an emerging need and has a potential to be scaled up.Unsustainable land use practices in agriculture are resulting in a critical depletion of natural resources. To mitigate and recover from such damages, several alternatives to traditional agriculture have emerged and evolved over time. Regenerative Agriculture (RA)

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