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Pradeep Sharma

Pradeep Sharma is a cross-functional leader with over two decades of experience, including seven years as an entrepreneur and over 13 years in the education sector.

As a partner at Sattva Consulting, Pradeep leads incubation of multi-stakeholder collaboratives.

Unlocking Potential

A Comprehensive Impact Evaluation of the Foundation For Excellence’s (FFE’s) Scholarship and Beyond Scholarship Programmes

Communicating Seamlessly with Bhashini

Scroll down for the executive summary and to access the full report, click “Download the report” on the right or at the end of the summary, based on your web browser.

Demystifying Assessments to Ensure School-readiness in Children

As children progress through grades, the learning crisis intensifies – eventually leading to about 52% of children at Grade 5 not being able to read Grade 2 text. While the gaps in learning outcomes become more visible as learners move upward in grades, the problem starts early on. Moreover, it

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