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Communicating Seamlessly with Bhashini

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Demystifying Assessments to Ensure School-readiness in Children

As children progress through grades, the learning crisis intensifies – eventually leading to about 52% of children at Grade 5 not being able to read Grade 2 text. While the gaps in learning outcomes become more visible as learners move upward in grades, the problem starts early on. Moreover, it

Touchpoint Highlights: Girls in STEM

The eighth session in the SKI Touchpoint series was conducted by the Education Practice Area, on the theme of ‘Girls in STEM: Redefining Future Possibilities’. The session was moderated by Dr Shweta Gaur, Engagement Manager, Education Practice Area of SKI, with Dr. Sandhya Gupta, Founder of Aavishkaar Center as the chief discussant. The session touched

Global Toolkits for FLN Assessments

Foundational literacy and numeracy (FLN) proficiency is vital for students to remain in school, improve higher-order skills, secure a decent livelihood, and improving their social and health outcomes. In this ecosystem, assessments play a pivotal role in measuring and enhancing these FLN outcomes over time. In our previously published product,

Touchpoint Highlights: Accelerating FLN Outcomes with Parent Engagement

The sixth session in the SKI Touchpoint series was conducted by the Education Practice Area, on the theme of ‘Accelerating Foundational Literacy and Numeracy outcomes with Parent Engagement.’ The session was moderated by Sattva Knowledge Institute’s Ms. Sukhada Ghosalkar, Lead for Foundational Literacy and Numeracy, Education Practice Area, while Ms.

Child playing with building blocks

Evaluating School Readiness in India

The definition of school readiness is located within a framework that has two characteristic features: transition and gaining competencies and the readiness of three entities, children, families and communities, and schools themselves. There is enough evidence at the global and national levels to establish the role of school readiness in

Girl writing the alphabet

Assessments for Foundational Literacy and Numeracy in India

The efforts of various organisations, the National Education Policy (NEP 2020) and the NIPUN Bharat directive have established the criticality of Foundational Literacy and Numeracy (FLN) in the long-term development of learners in terms of staying in school, improving higher order skills, earning decent livelihood, and having better social and

Anganwadi wroker, helper and children begin the day with a prayer

Capacity Building of Anganwadi Workers, Helpers and Supervisors

An anganwadi in India is a significant space for thousands of families across rural and urban parts of the country. With 1.4 million anganwadis, India is ensuring the achievement of health, nutrition and education outcomes for young children and their mothers. As per the Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS), they

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