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Rethinking the ways of measuring women’s work in India

The labour market statistics that measure women’s labour are a critical foundation for effective policy design and ecosystem interventions to advance women’s economic empowerment. As per current measurements, India’s female labour force participation rate stands at approximately 30%. However, the methodologies that lead to this figure are underpinned by a

Touchpoint Highlights: Strengthening Farmer Producer Organisations

SKI’s first Touchpoint session was conducted by the Agriculture Practice Area, on the theme ‘Strengthening Farmer Producer Organisations’. The session was facilitated by Debaranjan Pujahari (Principal and Agriculture Practice Area Lead). He was joined in conversation by renowned development management professional and practitioner, Mr Suryamani Roul (Director, Global AgriSystem). The

Circular Economy Models in Agriculture

Despite the lack of a common definition for circularity, there are some core principles to help us identify the concept: i. Minimising waste and pollution ii. Preserving and regenerating natural ecosystems while dealing with waste and residue iii. Promoting fairness and inclusivity across local communities that bear the social costs

Union Budget 2023: Many Steps in the Right Direction

Development is top of mind for the government. We think that there are several aspects of Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman’s February 1st Budget 2023 speech that are encouraging for the development sector. Three of the four areas that the government is focused on for the next 25 years as India

Technology landscape of Indian agriculture

Technology landscape of Indian agriculture

The need for Technology in AgricultureA rising global population, rapid urbanisation, and changing consumer demand are putting great pressure on food systems to meet the overall demand for food, and mitigate the environmental effects of agriculture in a sustainable manner. Technology can make agriculture more productive, efficient, sustainable, inclusive, and

Young Indian Entrepreneurs

The Potential of ONDC in Fueling Entrepreneurship in India

The ONDC has immense potential to democratise access to e-commerce for sellers of diverse products, ranging from groceries to handicrafts. The technology’s principles of interoperability and unbundling will be instrumental in encouraging entrepreneurial growth and innovation, as was observed in the computer software and recorded video content industries in other

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