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Decoding Gender Data Gaps with Mitali Nikore

In this episode, we discuss gaps in gender-disaggregated data at the national level, and their impact on solution design to improve female labour force participation, with economist Mitali Nikore.

Swati Kumari

Swati brings 10 + years of holistic work experience in the social impact sector working in various roles with foundations, nonprofits, CSRs and social enterprises. As a Senior Engagement Manager at Sattva, Swati leads the sub-business unit Programme Advisory and Management within the Foundations team.

Shweta Gaur

Shweta Gaur  comes with over 14 years of experience leading pan-India projects in the social impact sector. As the Engagement Manager at Sattva, she is a part of the Education Practice Area at Sattva Knowledge Institute. Shweta works toward bringing data driven solutions in the development sector.

Vrinda Gupta

Vrinda Gupta brings 18 years of rich experience working with large corporations before she moved to the social impact space with Sattva. As the Engagement Manager at Sattva, Vrinda is responsible for client engagement, project management and delivery in the areas of labour, skills and education.

Kriti Gupta

Kriti Gupta has 9 years of multi-sectoral experience in monitoring, evaluating, and learning (MEL), research, business development and programme management. As the Engagement Manager at Sattva, she is responsible for sales and project delivery.

Vaibhav Gupta

Vaibhav Gupta brings 10+ years of experience in skill development and education in the social impact sector and 7+ years of experience in consulting with top-tier corporations. As the Engagement Manager for the Foundations Unit at Sattva, Vaibhav manages the Life Skills Collaborative project and handles a team of 4-5

Indian money sitting on a laptop

The Promise of OCEN for Nano Entrepreneurs

Micro and nano enterprises, also considered India’s economic engines, cannot realise their full potential in contributing to the economy due to their lack of access to formal, affordable credit.

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