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Technology landscape of Indian agriculture

Technology landscape of Indian agriculture

The need for Technology in AgricultureA rising global population, rapid urbanisation, and changing consumer demand are putting great pressure on food systems to meet the overall demand for food, and mitigate the environmental effects of agriculture in a sustainable manner. Technology can make agriculture more productive, efficient, sustainable, inclusive, and

Young Indian Entrepreneurs

Fuelling Entrepreneurship and Innovation with the Open Network for Digital Commerce

The ONDC has immense potential to democratise access to e-commerce for sellers of diverse products, ranging from groceries to handicrafts. The technology’s principles of interoperability and unbundling will be instrumental in encouraging entrepreneurial growth and innovation, as was observed in the computer software and recorded video content industries in other

Decoding Women's Unpaid Labour with Dr Sona Mitra

Decoding Women’s Unpaid Labour with Dr Sona Mitra

    According to PLFS 2021, a staggering 80% of women attribute their absence from the labour force to being engaged in domestic duties, making the unpaid labour economy a central theme for the discourse on women’s economic participation in India. In this podcast episode, we try to understand the

Decoding Gender Data Gaps with Mitali Nikore

In this episode, we discuss gaps in gender-disaggregated data at the national level, and their impact on solution design to improve female labour force participation, with economist Mitali Nikore.

Swati Kumari

Swati brings 10 + years of holistic work experience in the social impact sector working in various roles with foundations, nonprofits, CSRs and social enterprises. As an Associate Principal at Sattva, Swati leads the sub-business unit Programme Advisory and Management within the Foundations team.

Shweta Gaur

Shweta Gaur  comes with over 14 years of experience leading pan-India projects in the social impact sector. As the Engagement Manager at Sattva, she is a part of the Education Practice Area at Sattva Knowledge Institute. Shweta works toward bringing data driven solutions in the development sector.

Vrinda Gupta

Vrinda Gupta brings 18 years of rich experience working with large corporations before she moved to the social impact space with Sattva. As the Engagement Manager at Sattva, Vrinda is responsible for client engagement, project management and delivery in the areas of labour, skills and education.

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