Sattva Consulting

Imagine a world with no poverty or hunger
A world with universal education and healthcare, and one with equitable income
A thriving healthy planet for all of us

So how do we – all of us – out-pace these problems and overcome them in our lifetime?
How do businesses see the implications of these global realities and prioritise them?
And how do businesses see, explore and quantify the opportunities and risks?

We, at Sattva, are committed to realising impact on the ground and at scale, by delivering global solutions, towards a sustainable future for all of us.

What we do

We are a mission-driven organisation focused on scalable solutions for social impact.

We partner with our clients – corporations, philanthropists, foundations and social organisations – achieve their social impact goals effectively and maximise the return on social investment. We offer end-to-end support covering research, strategy consulting, implementation, programme management, impact assessment, social audit, talent solutions and more.

Our focus is on solving critical socio-economic problems globally through solutions that are:

  • Effective
  • Practical
  • Scalable
  • Sustainable

At the heart of our work is our ability to collaborate with companies and organisations and leverage the strengths and capabilities of all involved stakeholders to maximise the impact achieved.


We have driven social impact action in collaboration with:

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We share authentic voices, insights from on-ground experience and showcase innovative models of realising sustainable social impact through our research, publications, case studies and people expertise.

Virtual Dialogues on CSR Compliance

Sattva hosted a webinar to help nonprofits navigate CSR compliance requirements, enabling NGOs to potentially leverage CSR engagement to create impact.

NGO Resilience

Sattva anchored a set of webinar sessions that were designed to cover some of the healthcare specific learning gaps of non-profits and better support their ongoing initiatives across the country.

Enabling Gender Equity on the Cotton Farm

This gender sensitisation toolkit seeks to provide an approach for organisations and / or trainers working closely with farming communities or those implementing agricultural programmes.

Sattva is not a job, it’s a calling.

What are the challenges that make working at Sattva fun? Take a look at this first-hand account from Devika, who leads our People team.

Holistic response to the Secondary Impact of COVID-19

An outline of eight areas that will need strong and sustained focus for us to mitigate the adverse impacts of the COVID crisis.

CSR Law Amendments 2021: What do they mean for Non-profit Organisations?

We look at some key changes that non-profits must note of as they seek to be CSR-compliant in light of the new amendments (of 2021).

Product Offerings for Nonprofits

Enabling Funders

Tailored Support to Nonprofits

Learn more on how we can help scaling and growing the impact of your organisation.

Understanding Child Trafficking and Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children in West Bengal India

Gaps in knowledge and limited risk perception on child trafficking (CT) and commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC) are among some of the key drivers for continued exploitation of children in West Bengal, India.

News & Updates

We stay connected with the multiple stakeholders in the impact ecosystem – partners, clients, associates and others – through our interactions at events and forums that give us an opportunity to engage and share knowledge.