Sattva Consulting

Imagine a world with no poverty or hunger
A world with universal education and healthcare, and one with equitable income
A thriving healthy planet for all of us

So how do we – all of us – out-pace these problems and overcome them in our lifetime?
How do businesses see the implications of these global realities and prioritise them?
And how do businesses see, explore and quantify the opportunities and risks?

We, at Sattva, are committed to realising impact on the ground and at scale, by delivering global solutions, towards a sustainable future for all of us.

What we do

We are a mission-driven organisation focused on scalable solutions for social impact.

We partner with our clients – corporations, philanthropists, foundations and social organisations – achieve their social impact goals effectively and maximise the return on social investment. We offer end-to-end support covering research, strategy consulting, implementation, programme management, impact assessment, social audit, talent solutions and more.

Our focus is on solving critical socio-economic problems globally through solutions that are:

  • Effective
  • Practical
  • Scalable
  • Sustainable

At the heart of our work is our ability to collaborate with companies and organisations and leverage the strengths and capabilities of all involved stakeholders to maximise the impact achieved.


We have driven social impact action in collaboration with:

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We share authentic voices, insights from on-ground experience and showcase innovative models of realising sustainable social impact through our research, publications, case studies and people expertise.

Can you Predict the Future?

Innovative business models however are not the only source of disruption. Increasingly, forces such as extreme weather events and even global pandemics (as we witness now) are emerging as severe threats to businesses.

Learnings from Impact Evaluation of an Ed-tech Learning Application

With rapid technological change and increasing penetration of smartphones in India, education technology (EdTech) has demonstrated significant potential for increasing learning outcomes for students globally and in India.


A Dialogue with NGO Partners

Genpact Social Impact Fellows enabled a dialogue amongst its NGO partners.

Guidelines for the Education Sector

A guideline on navigating the pandemic with a special focus on the Education sector.

Analysis – PMGKAY

In March 2020, the Government of India announced additional food supplies, free of cost, for two-thirds of the population.

The Role of Needs Assessment

Sattva Consulting conducted a webinar as part of the gLocal Evaluation Week hosted by the CLEAR initiative of the World Bank.

charcha 2020

Sattva hosted the Financial Inclusion track at “charcha 2020” - a platform for the Indian development sector to come together and chart a course for the country’s resurgence from the COVID-19 crisis

Evaluating Effectiveness of Technology in Improving Spoken English

Michael & Susan Dell Foundation partnered with Sattva to evaluate the effectiveness of ed-tech leveraged models to improve spoken English across 14,000 students.

COVID-19 in India – CSR Outlook for 2020-21

With companies responding generously to immediate challenges posed by the COVID pandemic, how does the overall CSR funding landscape change?

COVID-19 in India – Public Healthcare Matters

How fragile is our public healthcare infrastructure exactly? COVID-19 has shown us that the need for a robust public healthcare system has never been more pressing.