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Technology landscape of Indian agriculture

Technology landscape of Indian agriculture

The need for Technology in AgricultureA rising global population, rapid urbanisation, and changing consumer demand are putting great pressure on food systems to meet the overall demand for food, and mitigate the environmental effects of agriculture in a sustainable manner. Technology can make agriculture more productive, efficient, sustainable, inclusive, and

Regenerative Agriculture

Emerging Need for Regenerative Agriculture (RA) Unsustainable land use practices in agriculture are resulting in the critical depletion of natural resources. To mitigate the damage, several alternatives to traditional agriculture have emerged and evolved from time to time. Regenerative agriculture is a principled approach that refers to the integration of

A Holistic Approach to Food Systems

Understanding food systems: Need, types and drivers A food system is a holistic set of practices that contribute towards food production and consumption to meet dietary requirements of the population. Food production, distribution, processing and consumption form the backbone of food systems which require access to resources like labour, finance,

Decoding Biofortification with Ravinder Grover

In this episode of Decoding Impact, we discuss with the Programme Lead from Harvest Plus, Ravinder Grover, how the potential of millets can be accelerated through the agricultural treatment and application of biofortification.

Kriti Gupta

Kriti Gupta has 9 years of multi-sectoral experience in monitoring, evaluating, and learning (MEL), research, business development and programme management. As the Engagement Manager at Sattva, she is responsible for sales and project delivery.

Ashutosh Choudhary

Ashutosh Choudhary brings 10 years of experience in the social impact sector in various roles across thematic areas of rural development and agriculture. As the Senior Engagement Manager, Finance and Operations at Sattva, Ashutosh Choudhary is responsible for driving operational efficiency across project and non-project teams. He is accountable for

Enabling Technology for Climate Change Adaptation in Agriculture

Several effects of climate change such as droughts, floods, cyclones, erratic and delayed
monsoon, depleting groundwater, salinisation, pests and diseases, etc. have been affecting
the production and productivity of Indian agriculture, thereby impacting farmer incomes as
well as food and nutrition security.

Minu Sagar

Minu Sagar brings 13+ years of work experience across the corporate and social sector. As Senior Engagement Manager at Sattva, Minu is responsible for driving non-profit engagement and capacity-building through knowledge sharing of key information from the ecosystem and events. She works closely with a core team to set up

Debaranjan Pujahari

Debaranjan Pujahari is an accomplished professional with 15 years of experience in the social impact space leading the delivery of innovative and result-oriented solutions for agriculture development, food, and nutrition security. As Principal for Sattva Knowledge Institute at Sattva, he is responsible for strategic advisory to Sattva’s clients by building

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