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Our Work

Sattva, in Sanskrit, means ‘true essence’ and ‘consciousness’.

We believe that addressing complex societal challenges requires a fundamental shift in the way businesses, societies, governments and other stakeholders engage with each other. The aspirations of the people who live today at the ‘base of the pyramid’ needs to be absorbed in sustainable and inclusive ways in the larger growth story. We believe that entrepreneurs, organisations and communities who come together and script these solutions will define the future course of our collective “tomorrow”.

And this is why we exist – to pursue the goal of vanquishing poverty in our lifetime by co-creating models that are scalable, sustainable and globally relevant, by serving as a bridge across varied stakeholders, by designing and implementing solutions that can bring long-lasting impact.

Our Services

Our work is focused on helping our clients – corporations, philanthropists, foundations and non-profits – succeed in achieving their social impact goals.

  • Advisory

    Our Advisory services focus on helping our clients achieve their vision and goals for social
    impact. We consult on strategy for transformative ideas and models of social change, to
    ensure client success.

    Corporate CSR

    Design and support impact-focused CSR programmes that are strategically aligned with the business



    Strategic advisory, programme design and implementation support to bring orbit-shifting transformation to foundations and philanthropies and their programmes


    Social Purpose Organisations

    Strengthen organisational capabilities to achieve intended impact and scale up successfully

  • Research

    Sattva Research brings together sectoral expertise and perspectives from the ground to drive insight to action. Through research publications and ecosystem engagement, we co-create strategies and partnerships to galvanise impact and create benchmarks, frameworks and toolkits to influence effective decision-making in the ecosystem.

    Understanding Child Trafficking and Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children in West Bengal India

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  • Solutions

    The Solutions vertical at Sattva adopts an iterative approach to find sustainable solutions for some of the country’s most pressing problems. We build and execute replicable models with the aim of creating large-scale impact by collaborating with funders and other stakeholders to research, pilot, evaluate and implement workable solutions.

    Equal Economy

    An initiative to increase workforce participation of women.

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  • Assessments

    Sattva’s Assessments and Audits focuses on measuring effectiveness and impact of programme interventions with clear identification of gaps and opportunities.

    Starting from Need Assessment, to final Impact Assessment, we have solutions for every stage of the programme intervention journey to ensure your programmes are efficient and effective.


    The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) arm of a Mumbai-based bank wanted to understand the impact of its programme.



    A Mumbai-based manufacturer of cement and ready mixed concrete was looking to strengthen and measure its Corporate Social Responsibility.

Our Products

Our data and technology products are designed to deliver actionable insights and help you make sharper and quicker decisions for better impact.

  • India Data Insights

    India Data Insights is an online portal that works as a data guide to understand India's socio-economic state. The portal provides SDG-based views of hundreds of data indicators across time periods and geographical units. In addition to getting access to data views, users can download ready-to-use charts and interactive dashboards.


    Shift is a technology-enabled platform is designed to help organisations drive effective CSR which is insight-driven, audit-ready, on-time and follows industry standards. It is a holistic solution that combines technology and product thinking with on-ground reality.


  • Careers in Impact

    Careers in Impact partners with organisations to find exceptional leaders for social impact. We also help impact-driven individuals understand the sector. We work with them to find the ideal fit for their passion and skills where they can utilise their expertise to create exponential impact.

    Podcast Episode 6: The Global Talent Economy

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  • Corporate CSR
  • Foundations and Philanthropists
  • Social Organisations
  • We help our corporate clients design and implement effective CSR programmes that are strategically aligned with business. We ensure achievement of outcomes as per plan, through rigorous programme management and monitoring. Leveraging strengths and passion of employees to involve them meaningfully in social causes is another important area of our work with corporates.

  • We partner with foundations and philanthropists to conduct research on key issues and generate actionable insights for the ecosystem. We work with them to design, pilot and prove innovative and scalable solutions for impact. Forming synergistic collaborations and anchoring collective impact programmes is another integral part of our work with funding organisations.

  • We strengthen social organisations to achieve intended impact and scale up successfully through advice on strategy, and by building their capacity to deliver programmes effectively, manage internal development and raise funds. We also help them with strategic hiring for key leadership roles in the organisation.


We have driven social impact action in collaboration with:

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