ESG and Sustainability Advisory

With increasing stakeholder pressure, emerging regulations, and the need to future-proof businesses, corporations are looking to identify and adopt sustainable practices.

There is hardly any disagreement in believing that the future for all of us has to be a low-carbon economy. To enable this transition, every business across different maturity levels, or sizes, is attempting to leverage the opportunity and increase resilience, reduce risk, improve employee retention, and deliver stronger financial performance. 

Our work with India Inc. focuses on helping corporates work towards developing a focused strategy and forward-looking action plans. We handhold businesses to improve their understanding of regulatory expectations and integrate ESG solutions into their operations. We engage with enterprises to assess business risks and the possible opportunity to create a positive impact on the larger ecosystem. We partner with relevant experts to bring a solution-focused approach to every engagement. Additionally, we enable corporates in their ESG journey by providing guidance on ESG compliance and knowledge building on the topic. Our offerings include:

  • ESG diagnostics and strategy building
  • ESG tech, data and analytics 
  • ESG performance improvement and management
  • Climate action solutions
  • Sustainable supply chain management
  • ESG reporting and disclosure solutions


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