Impact Measurement
and Advisory

We enable evidence-based decision making in the impact ecosystem that is localised, and at the same time contributes to a national and global impact agenda.


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The impact ecosystem is rapidly evolving, with more complex social issues, solutions via collaborative efforts and a growing need for data-led decision making. The Measurement, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) landscape is therefore constantly challenged to meet these ecosystem requirements.

Our Impact Measurement and Advisory work offers evidence-based insights across the impact lifecycle.

Our expertise covers:

  • Generating data and evidence to complement our work across strategy development, program implementation and technical advisory
  • Independent evaluations across different sectors for a variety of stakeholders from foundations and Corporates to Bi and Multi-laterals along with NGOs and Impact investors
  • Adoption of a System Change Approach with a focus on MEL Capacity Building of NGOs, CSOs and Corporates to ensure high quality, value for money and sustainability
  • Our knowledge and data platforms of SKI and IDI along with network partners through IPN ensure access to high quality secondary data as well as a platform to ensure collaboration and learning.
  • A lifecycle approach with best practices such as
    • benchmarking by consolidating our work and ensuring cross-learning
    • providing actionable recommendations including creation of SOPs, models, standards and funding flows
    • ensuring high value for money through the use of technology and
    • focussing on the 3 Es – economy, efficiency and effectiveness.


Primary and secondary data needs to be shaped for ease and accessibility, among impact stakeholders.



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