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Shweta Gaur

Shweta Gaur  comes with over 14 years of experience leading pan-India projects in the social impact sector. As the Engagement Manager at Sattva, she is a part of the Education Practice Area at Sattva Knowledge Institute. Shweta works toward bringing data driven solutions in the development sector.

Debaranjan Pujahari

Debaranjan Pujahari is an accomplished professional with 15 years of experience in the social impact space leading the delivery of innovative and result-oriented solutions for agriculture development, food, and nutrition security. As Principal for Sattva Knowledge Institute at Sattva, he is responsible for strategic advisory to Sattva’s clients by building

Anantha Narayan

Anantha Narayan brings 25 years of rich experience of working at investment banks across India and in Singapore before he moved to the social impact sector. As an Advisor with Sattva,  he has been closely associated with the conceptualisation and the roll-out of the Sattva Knowledge Institute.

Rathish Balakrishnan

Rathish Balakrishnan comes with 20+ years of experience across the corporate and social sector. As Partner and Managing Partner at Sattva, he brings his extensive experience in conceptualising and implementing large-scale solutions that brings together leading foundations, corporations, civil society organisations and the government. 

Understanding the Global South

Sattva supported IEFG and ECFG to amplify the participation and voice of Global South funders in key decision-making discussions at a global scale by conducting an in-depth landscape analysis of key trends, needs, motivations and challenges faced by funders in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Richa Shivhare

Richa Shivhare brings 12 years of experience working with the IT, development and the environment sector.As the Engagement Manager at Sattva, she supports corporates and civil society organisations by co-creating rigorous monitoring systems and generating robust evidence through assessment and evaluations.

Megha Shanbhag

Megha Shanbhag brings over a decade of experience across the corporate and social sectors working with consulting firms and nonprofits. 

As the Engagement Manager for the CSR Advisory unit at Sattva, her role involves engaging with key corporate clients to deliver impact solutions across different thematic areas.

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