Transforming Lives though Skilling

Impact Evaluation Affirms Increased Employability, Job Retention, and Socio-economic Progress

The client is a renowned not-for-profit organisation focused on enhancing the dignity and well-being of socially and economically vulnerable individuals through skill development.


The objective of this study was to validate the impact of the foundation’s skilling programme, assess its effectiveness, and provide recommendations for programme enhancement.


Sattva employed a comprehensive mixed-methods approach combining quantitative and qualitative research methods to evaluate the skilling programme. A stratified random sampling method was used to ensure representation from both, the physical and virtual versions of the program. The study included a sample size of 694 participants, who were surveyed to gather quantitative data on skills, retention, and salary outcomes. In-depth interviews and focus group discussions were conducted with a subset of participants (19 interviews and four focus groups) to gain deeper insights into the programme’s impact and participants’ aspirations. Sattva’s Impact Assessment team collaborated with the programme team, trainers, and employers to design and conduct the study. The team leveraged their expertise in impact assessments, data analysis, and curriculum design to provide statistical rigour, comprehensive insights, and recommendations.


The study covered eight states and two union territories in India. A total of 411 participants from the offline programme and 283 participants from the online digital programme were included in the study. The participants, split almost evenly gender-wise, belonged to economically disadvantaged backgrounds. Specific markers, such as gender participation, were assessed to understand their training and employment experiences.


The study was executed over the period of October 2022 – February 2023. The study involved field visits to regional locations, in-depth interviews with programme team members, and engagement with program participants through trained data collectors. The data was collected virtually, with regular audio audits for quality checks. Further, a benchmarking exercise was also done where the programme was compared to other similar programmes on parameters like placement support, average placement rate, and average salary.


The research findings provided insights into the impact of the skilling program, including its effectiveness in enhancing employability skills, retention rates, and salary outcomes. Specific trends and anecdotal evidence were captured to highlight key learnings.

  • The needs of the aspirants are fulfilled through the programme
    – 80% aspirants reported joining the programme to learn new skills
    – 71% aspirants reported joining the programme for gainful employment
  • The change envisaged in the ToC was an average entry level salary of INR 13,000-15,000 and job retention of 3-6 months among GROW aspirants.
  • The programme has a Net Promoter Score of 56, indicating that the programme is highly relevant for the aspirants as they are referring it further.
  • Out of the 83% of aspirants placed through the organisation, 89% (73% of incepted strength) are still working. The ITES, Retail & BFSI sectors are the largest employers.


The project delivered an insight deck, an executive summary, and an article that will be published. The findings from this assessment influenced programme design improvements, particularly in curriculum development and employment readiness strategies.


The study’s recommendations and insights contributed to strengthening the design and impact of the skilling programme.

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