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Levers for Vaccine Adoption – Product
Levers for Vaccine Adoption – Product
July 30, 2021

Levers for Vaccine Adoption – Product

Sattva seeks to understand localised archetypes of community members vulnerable to vaccine hesitancy and to inequitable vaccine access. This hesitancy emerges from across the spectrum of the ‘4Cs’–Comprehension, Confidence, Convenience and Culture.

With inputs from subject matter experts across thematics of assessments, public health and policy, Sattva has developed strong backend data systems to enable quick knowledge generation around questions of access, barriers and hesitancy.

Sattva will follow a 5-step process towards identification of high-impact and actionable levers of equitable vaccine uptake:

1. Identification of sampling geographies

2. Identification (by partner CSO) and training (by Sattva) of suitable data collectors by partners

3. Identification of vulnerable archetypes of community members and the specific barriers they face with tespect to equitable vaccination access

4. Sattva provides high level insights to partner in 2-3 days post data collection in the form of a deck report

5. Optional – Sattva aids in the designing of tailored pivots to existing partner programmes basis the nuanced data insights

Our robust systems will enable seamless data collection and analysis to provide you timely insights, as well as key factors to enable vaccine adoption from within the focused groups and sub-groups in the communities you work with on COVID-19 vaccination. Pro bono!

In a recent study across 25 Aspirational Districts, in collaboration with Piramal Swasthya, Sattva found that barriers to vaccine adoption vary vastly by archetypes of community members. Therefore, designing solution levers to enhance vaccine uptake demands a nuanced understanding of the variation of barriers faced by different archetypes.

To read detailed findings from the study click here.

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