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ESG Integration in Textile and Apparel MSMEs

In the last article, Embracing ESG Integration, we wrote about the need and challenges faced by Indian Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in integrating sustainability. Continuing the theme, we now dive deeper, with this

Embracing ESG Integration: Sustainability for MSMEs in India

In the emerging sustainability landscape in India, there is widespread consumer demand for sustainable products. Governments and regulatory bodies are implementing stricter regulations related to environmental protection, labour standards, and responsible sourcing. Investors expect companies

Navigating Regulatory Rapids of the ESG Landscape

Now, more than ever, the resilience and growth of businesses depend on the proactive actions taken by their leadership to address ESG risks and seize opportunities arising from them. However, a key challenge that they

ESG: Does it Matter?

ESG: Does It Matter?

Vipul Arora Environmental, social and governance (ESG) is a term that has gained increasing importance in recent years, particularly for corporations and investors in these enterprises. ESG is a research and analysis framework that allows

Circular Economy Models in Agriculture

Despite the lack of a common definition for circularity, there are some core principles to help us identify the concept: i. Minimising waste and pollution ii. Preserving and regenerating natural ecosystems while dealing with waste

Union Budget 2023: Many Steps in the Right Direction

Development is top of mind for the government. We think that there are several aspects of Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman’s February 1st Budget 2023 speech that are encouraging for the development sector. Three of the

Technology landscape of Indian agriculture

Technology landscape of Indian agriculture

The need for Technology in AgricultureA rising global population, rapid urbanisation, and changing consumer demand are putting great pressure on food systems to meet the overall demand for food, and mitigate the environmental effects of

Making sense of the ground realities

A blog on our project with the Arghyam Foundation and the Government of Meghalaya to reimagine the approach to capacity building of the community to sustain their natural resources.

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