SDG: Sustainability

Innovation with Cisco ft. Harish Krishnan

CSR spending in India is concentrated in a few sectors, including education and healthcare. Less than 1% of the CSR funds are channelled towards incubators to support social enterprises. To understand the criticality of CSR

Innovation with Alstom ft. Sapna Bhawnani

Episode Transcript Podcast Introduction Introduction: Welcome to the podcast ‘CSR Partnerships for Innovation’. I am Chintan Vaishnav, Mission Director for Atal Innovation Mission at the Niti Aayog, and we are delighted to unveil this podcast

Vipul Arora

Vipul has dedicated over 25+ years to applying Sustainability across various entities, including companies, investors, not-for-profits, and ecosystems.

As a Senior Advisor at Sattva, Vipul creates fit-for-purpose and effective ESG frameworks and solutions to solve context

Innovation with MBRDI ft. Shweta Pandey

Mercedes-Benz has made a substantial name for themselves and their products through innovation. Shweta Pandey joins Krishna for this episode of CSR Partnerships for Innovation to share the evolution of how MBRDI elevated innovation in

Innovation with Akamai ft. Neha Jain

In this episode of CSR Partnerships for Innovation, Krishna sat down with Neha Jain from Akamai. She shared the story of how Akamai’s flagship programme got started, and how at the intersection of technology and

Decoding Universal Health Coverage with Dr. Nachiket Mor: Part 1 Globally, universal health coverage (UHC) has been highlighted as an important goal, because of its close links to poverty reduction and potential to enhance the economic growth of countries. From public to private health

Decoding Agricultural Technology with Parmesh Shah

Technology has the potential to revolutionise Indian agriculture. There are innovations in seed and bioengineering platforms, use of robots and AI and blockchain that are enhancing efficiency and transparency in the sector. India’s agritech industry

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