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At the Agriculture Practice Area of Sattva Knowledge Institute, we’ve collaborated with over 100 experts to address systemic challenges, particularly focusing on water efficiency and advocating for climate-resilient, sustainable farming practices.

Our objectives are clear: within 3 years, we aim to enhance water use efficiency across 50 corporations through data-driven decision-making and by 2030, scale Integrated Farm Management Systems (IFS) within 30 corporate value chains. Our development approach is grounded in evidence-based research, extensive ecosystem engagement for solution validation, and forging strategic partnerships that catalyse the adoption of sustainable practices.

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Discover data-driven insights to promote climate-resilient agriculture and join us in advancing water efficiency and adopting Integrated Farm Management Systems for a resilient future in Indian agriculture. Our big bets:

1. Creating systemic solutions to drive water use efficiency in agriculture in India 2. Addressing climate adaptation in agriculture through integrated farming models

Hear it from the experts

Shweta Gaur
Shweta Gaur Engagement Manager
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I have had an amazing learning curve while working at Sattva. Every day gives me a new challenge accompanied with a new learning opportunity. With an impact-focused and solution-oriented mindset, each day is new and enriching.
Vanya Mehta
Vanya MehtaConsultant
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The leadership at Sattva is hard-working and extremely devoted. Due to the trust they place in their team members, we can take ownership of our work, defend and debate without any fear of clashes in thinking. It is a symbiotic learning relationship between the leadership and the rest of the team members.
Rahul Shah
Rahul ShahLead- Non-Profit Advisory
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Sattva being an entrepreneurial organisation, has enabled me to learn about the mechanics of running a social enterprise and the balancing act of being an impact-first organisation running a business.
Arya Nambiar
Arya NambiarAssociate Consultant
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To me, the best part of Sattva's culture is its largely flat hierarchy, which makes it a great place to learn. There is consistently a vibrant exchange of ideas amongst a variety of age groups, where every voice is equally important!
Yashasvi Murali
Yashasvi MuraliSenior Consultant
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I am proud to be working in an organisation like Sattva that prioritises the well-being of its employees, that is invested in their growth and provides them the opportunities to explore their interests.

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