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Register for the NHRD CSR-NGO partnership meet on Dec 7 – Co-curated by Sattva

Inviting you to an exclusive CSR-NGO partnership meetup in Bangalore – Dec 7 by NHRD and co-curated by Sattva.  The National HR network is a network of HR professionals and ecosystem members from across Indian companies. The NHRD HR Showcase is a signature event of the NHRD Bangalore Chapter, and is shaped to bolster the enduring spirit of the HR […]

Five Takeaways from Last Year’s CSR Data

23% of corporates spent beyond the required amount, 18% were on par, and 7% did not spend at all on CSR activities to conduct CSR The top CSR spenders amounted to 2,760 Crores 29% of companies implemented CSR activities directly through a combination of directly through their company their own foundation and with NGOs Health […]

What is Sammaan? What does it mean for CSR?

Sammaan, an initiative founded by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), BSE and Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs (IICA), is a platform that bridges the accountability gap between corporations and NGOs. Companies today find it increasingly hard to navigate the world of corporate social responsibility and have no way to validate the legitimacy of the NGOs […]

What is a CSR Index? Why does it matter?

The BSE and IICA’s proposed CSR Index assigns a number on the quality and scope of CSR activities as well as adherence to the CSR Act for all companies listed on the BSE. This figure allows for CSR comparison across companies, industries, and sectors. Sachin Pilot, Union Minister for Corporate Affairs, regarding the CSR Index, […]