How can ESG create value, reduce costs and increase revenues?

Businesses’ fear that the goals of driving ESG would mean an increase in their costs. Vipul Arora, a corporate sustainability and ESG expert, delves deeper.

How can ESG create value, reduce costs and increase revenues?

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– Vipul Arora 

In a data-led piece published by ETCFO today, I have outlined:
1. ESG is a science. There are specific levers to create value using ESG.
2. Each organization needs to find their specific levers for value creation.

To do so:
1. We need to understand the core purpose of the organization well.
2. We need to Understand ESG well.
3. Then find the intersection of Core purpose & ESG.
4. Look at the unmet/changing needs in the specific market we serve/want to serve and find how Organizational purpose & ESG can provide solutions to that need.
5. If we have had deep conviction by now and the patience and perseverance to stick to our ESG initiative, we will be pleasantly surprised by the results.

Is this a process? Will it work every time? There are two large global case studies in this article that demonstrate this works convincingly well, having created Billions of Dollars of value. Only caveat: it took 10-20 years. Hence, the need for patience.

When there is so much evidence all around, how come some ‘experts’ who have never worked in ESG or Corp Sustainability (not even for a single day of their career) come out and make claims that ESG does not work? In an article in FT last week, someone just did that.

The data in this article clearly shows otherwise.

This article was originally published in ETCFO.



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