Vipul Arora

Partner - ESG and Climate Solutions

Vipul has dedicated over 25+ years to applying sustainability across various entities, including companies, investors, not-for-profits, and ecosystems.

As a Senior Advisor at Sattva, Vipul creates fit-for-purpose and effective ESG frameworks and solutions to solve context specific challenges that each of our clients face.

In 2007, he pioneered ESG in more than 15 emerging markets. In 2010, he developed the groundbreaking ‘Best in Context’ ESG Ratings framework to address greenwashing issues. He has provided guidance to Global Institutional Investors with assets under management (AUM) exceeding $13 trillion, utilising the award-winning ESG rating methodology.

With a wealth of 15+ years of experience in ESG ratings, Vipul has led the conceptualisation, research, training, and delivery of ESG ratings for over 10,000 companies across 69 sectors. This involved working with leading methodologies such as MSCI, Sustainalytics, S&P Dow Jones, and others. Additionally, he served as a member of the SDG Advisory Committee of the UN PRI, contributing to the development of the Investment case for UN SDGs and the world’s first UN SDG Rating framework. Having actively participated and spoken at 50+ global ESG conferences, he has established a significant presence in the field.

Vipul has been a two-time Fellow of Reuters Digital Vision Program at Stanford University, for using IT to solve real world Sustainable Development challenges. He has completed an MBA, B. Tech. and PG Diploma in Environmental Economics.

At Sattva he aims to embed ESG and climate excellence, starting from within the organisation, building capability and capacity and offering fit for context win-win-win solutions to our clients and stakeholders. He is excited to bring the lessons learnt and apply them to the Indian and Global South context.

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