SDG: Giving

Investing for Impact: Social Stock Exchange in India

The Social Stock Exchange (SSE) is envisioned as a regulated stock exchange that will bring together non-profit organisations (NPOs), for-profit enterprises (FPEs), donors, and investors to direct more capital towards the development sector. The National

Digital Platforms: Funding Landscape

Digital technology is increasingly being leveraged by organisations working in the social sector to create impact and enhance service delivery across a range of sectors. Digital public goods have the potential to unlock opportunities worth

Understanding the Global South

Sattva supported IEFG and ECFG to amplify the participation and voice of Global South funders in key decision-making discussions at a global scale by conducting an in-depth landscape analysis of key trends, needs, motivations and

Matching Contributions in India

Through this research we have endeavoured to create evidence, an actionable toolkit and document case studies that exemplify the practice of matching contributions in India.

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