SDG: Food Security

Eliminating Food Loss, Elevating Farmers using Agtech

40% of the food produced globally tends to be lost during the post-harvest value chain. In India, inefficient post-harvest management practices lead to massive post-harvest food losses that impact farmer incomes. Emerging technologies like robotics,

Circular Economy Models in Agriculture

Despite the lack of a common definition for circularity, there are some core principles to help us identify the concept: i. Minimising waste and pollution ii. Preserving and regenerating natural ecosystems while dealing with waste

Technology landscape of Indian agriculture

Technology landscape of Indian agriculture

The need for Technology in AgricultureA rising global population, rapid urbanisation, and changing consumer demand are putting great pressure on food systems to meet the overall demand for food, and mitigate the environmental effects of

A Holistic Approach to Food Systems

Understanding food systems: Need, types and drivers A food system is a holistic set of practices that contribute towards food production and consumption to meet dietary requirements of the population. Food production, distribution, processing and

Decoding Biofortification with Ravinder Grover

In this episode of Decoding Impact, we discuss with the Programme Lead from Harvest Plus, Ravinder Grover, how the potential of millets can be accelerated through the agricultural treatment and application of biofortification.

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