Institution Building

We understand the challenges faced by organisations in translating strategies on the ground.

Nonprofits are evolving in some key areas in order to adapt and thrive in an ever-changing landscape:

  • Agile approach to organisational strategy with a clear structure to achieve organisational goals
  • Strategic programmes that create impact with a collaborative and systemic approach
  • Strong internal capabilities aligned to organisational vision and programmes

Our work is hence beyond advisory, to enable institution building. We involve all the key stakeholders to devise and ensure buy-in towards organisational development initiatives since we believe co-creation is the right approach is key to ensure long-term programme enablement towards:

  • Organisational readiness – Diagnose the critical needs of an organisation and provide recommendations to build capabilities, processes and systems
  • Digital transformation – Integrate technology enabled systems to enhance organisation and programme efficiency
  • Monitoring and Evaluation – Build the capability to assess the journey of a programme lifecycle including the, design of M&E* frameworks and processes to measure programme impact



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