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NGO Resilience
June 25, 2021

NGO Resilience: A Webinar Series to Address Challenges in COVID Relief Measures

A lot of non-healthcare Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) are currently engaged in COVID relief work at the community level. One of the key areas of need that has emerged during our conversations with these CSOs is the need for technical support on aspects related to COVID care and response. To enable resilience in NGOs, Sattva Consulting has initiated a series of engagements that are specifically focused on capacity building and access to technical resources required to conduct informed interventions pertaining to the cause of COVID-19.

As one of the attempts to address the challenge of working on COVID, Sattva anchored a set of webinar sessions that were designed to cover some of the healthcare specific learning gaps of these organisations and better support their ongoing initiatives across the country. These webinars were conducted in collaboration with healthcare experts from organisations like Piramal Swasthya and Doctors for You, and were open to all organisations working on the frontlines in both urban and rural areas.

Webinar Session 1: Effective community engagement: COVID awareness and counselling
The session was facilitated by Dr Rachita Malik and Dr Neha Sharma from Piramal Swasthya Foundation, and focused on sharing challenges and best practices around effective community engagement. COVID associated stigmas posed a greater challenge for many of the NGOs working on frontlines with specific communities, and the session aimed at presenting insights on strengthening trust and participation of people who may lack awareness of the disease.

The full presentation can be accessed below.

The presentation from the webinar can be accessed here.


Webinar Session 2: Set up and management of Covid care centres
The session was facilitated by Dr Ravikant Singh, Dr Prakerti Kashyap and Dr. Anurag Mishra from Doctors for You Team, and shed light on the challenges and preparedness of running a COVID care centre. The insights presented during the session were from a practitioner perspective and demonstrated real life experience of working on the ground.

The full presentation can be accessed below.


Webinar Session 3: Addressing Vaccine Hesitancy
The session was facilitated by Dr Rachita Malik and Dr Neha Sharma from Piramal Swasthya Foundation, and focused on educating communities about safety and importance of vaccination. The discussion largely focused on various aspects of vaccines that need to be communicated and what are some of the effective mediums to convey the information.

The full presentation can be accessed below.

The recording from the webinar can be accessed here.

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In addition to the webinar series, here is a COVID Communication Resources dashboard for NGOs to enable better data-based decisions.


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