Touchpoint Highlights: Girls in STEM

The eighth session in the SKI Touchpoint series was conducted by the Education Practice Area, on the theme of ‘Girls in STEM: Redefining Future Possibilities’.

The session was moderated by Dr Shweta Gaur, Engagement Manager, Education Practice Area of SKI, with Dr. Sandhya Gupta, Founder of Aavishkaar Center as the chief discussant.

The session touched upon the importance of girls in STEM with the onset of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The transition from educational settings to the professional arena was highlighted as a crucial stage in rectifying the gender imbalance prevalent in STEM fields. The discussion focussed on five pivotal stages in a girl child’s life where targeted interventions are imperative to ensure their sustained engagement. A comprehensive, multi-dimensional life cycle approach, necessitating collaboration amongst diverse stakeholders, was underscored. The synergy between ‘Samaj’, ‘Sarkaar’ and ‘Bazaar’ in enabling this life cycle approach to retain women in STEM was also emphasised.

Dr. Gupta stressed on the need to educate parents, teachers, and community members for increased female representation in the tech-driven world. She emphasised the value of diverse perspectives in problem-solving, and the significance of financial decision-making, noting the existing imbalance in this regard. Dr. Gupta also drew attention to societal expectations regarding career aspirations for both boys and girls, urging a reevaluation of these norms.

The webinar provided a platform for insightful discussions and tangible solutions towards fostering an inclusive environment for girls in STEM education, thereby redefining the possibilities for a more equitable and innovative future. The team plans to conduct further research in the STEM field with a focus on interventions dealing with teacher capabilities, and looking for solutions for systemic challenges.

If you missed the session, you can access the recording of the webinar here:

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