Our Support to Non-profit Organisations (II)

Although the pandemic had led to unprecedented disruptions, it has also paved the way for unique opportunities of digitalization, optimization, and collaboration.
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Our Support to Non-profit Organisations (II)

At the start of the COVID crisis, we rapidly evolved to provide immediate support by assessing on-ground realities and some of our early initiatives included building an Information Repository to connect organisations offering/ seeking help on a macro-level and propelling last-mile efforts across healthcare, safety, prevention, awareness, and economic support by working with governments, donors, and other social organisations. As the pandemic progressed, we acknowledged the need for a sustainable ideology in supporting the ecosystem to balance near-term action with long-term transformation. To help actualize the optimistic aspects of the crisis, we adopted the novel MAP framework – Mitigate risks for sustainability, Adapt programs for achieving outcomes, and Pivot to meet emerging needs.

Over the year, a majority of our work has focused on institutional challenges such as: a) building resilient organisations, b) adapting programs to the new normal by re-looking at program design and delivery, c) exploring fundraising strategies to create financially sustainable organisations, and d) exploring new ways of data collection and monitoring.

Building capabilities in government education systems
Sattva is engaged as the strategic partner with one of the largest nonprofits in India working on Education for building leadership capacity in the government education system towards improving learning outcomes. Sattva supported the non-profit as it scaled its reach from 1000 schools to 600,000 schools across the country over 3 years. Sattva specifically engaged on the overall organizational 5-year strategy, program strategy, technology integration through focused last mile applications, and monitoring and evaluation frameworks. Currently, we are focusing on designing, building and deploying technology solutions for school, community and the government to improve educational outcomes across aspirational districts. The engagement had an overall impact on 57 million students, ~42,000 government officials, and 6 lakh schools, across 12 states and 25 districts.

Event on Children’s Education in the Post-COVID World
Sattva partnered with a leading non-profit focused on girls’ education and children’s literacy in Asia and Africa to co-design and curate a virtual event on International Literacy Day, 2020. The non-profit has conducted annual conferences to generate awareness and stimulate deeper conversations about foundational literacy and gender equality for years. Due to COVID-19, a virtual event titled – ‘Navigating Learning for Children in a World with New Normal’ was set up with Sattva as a Knowledge Partner, providing support in terms of execution, management, and design, to curate meaningful conversations around foundational literacy. The intended outcomes of the virtual event involved:

1. Generating awareness on the current state and importance of foundational literacy
2. Expanding participants’ understanding on social innovations in foundational literacy in context of National Education
3. Launching of a Literacy Cloud platform that promotes access and exchange of literary resources among children

Revolutionising the sphere of public healthcare
Aiming to achieve the triple objective of enabling universal access to public healthcare, improved quality and experience of patients and reducing the cost of health care, one of India’s largest non-profit organizations in the field of public healthcare embarked upon a journey to create an integrated beneficiary focused Longitudinal Electronic Health Records technology platform. The platform was created as a public good to deliver primary healthcare by making it affordable, accessible and available. Sattva is currently supporting the client across the key areas of outreach, engagement and product deployment, strengthening the governance for development, and refining the overall strategy for the initiative. This engagement is focused on ensuring the adoption of the public healthcare platform within the ecosystem by rapid deployment of the same across 25 aspirational districts and by achieving complete saturation across 3 states in phase 1.

Cohort-based Capacity Building Program
We partnered with a non-profit affiliate of MacArthur Foundation, with the mission to unlock philanthropic capital and accelerate social change, on a cohort-based capacity building program for 25+ non-profit organisations in India. The program is intended to strengthen the institutional resilience of organisations and the cohort will be supported through a variety of mediums such as webinars, workshops, mentorship and 1:1 advisory support, with a focus on peer learning.

Sattva’s Diagnostic Tool for Organisations
Sattva’s Organisation Diagnostic Tool has been developed to help reflect and evaluate an organization’s institutional readiness on its trajectory to scale. It has been conceptualised on the belief that institutional strengths and weaknesses have a significant impact on organisational outcomes, and thus it is important to evaluate them as part of the overall strategy requirement. The tool covers 40+ parameters such as vision of the organization, clarity of 3-5 year strategy, strength of programs, transparency in internal and external communications, clarity of outcomes, efficacy of the M&E systems, and ability to engage/ leverage the Board.

Key features:
– Structured as a 5-point scale online survey, in which respondents have to choose an option which best indicates the organization’s current state across the listed parameters
– Can be administered with unlimited number of internal stakeholders across designations and functions to get an unbiased and holistic perspective on the organization’s strengths and weaknesses
– Data-led insights from the tool are used to a) validate qualitative interviews and b) inform the fundraising strategy for the organization

Our support to non-profit organisations (I)


Sattva has been working with various non-profits and social organisations as well as corporate clients to help them define their social impact goals. Our focus is to solve critical problems and find scalable solutions. We assist organisations in formulating their long-term social impact strategy by strategically aligning with business to provide meaningful solutions to social issues.

If you have any such stories or ideas to share, please write to us: impact@sattva.co.in

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