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Women and Social Media During the Pandemic
December 15, 2021

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Women and Social Media During the Pandemic


Social media has played a significant role across the personal and professional lives of women over the past year, one that has been characterised by heightened public health risks and associated global lockdown measures. Social media platforms have enabled economic activity for women professionals, unorganised workers and entrepreneurs. The platforms have also enabled engagement with families, communities and interest groups.

This discussion paper outlines the impact of social media on women in the pandemic hit world. It further outlines the positive impacts of social platforms on the economic, social and emotional wellbeing of women. The paper also highlights the key considerations that will enable social media platforms to have a wider reach and deeper impact across a broader population of women in India.

The insights are based on secondary research as well as select one-on-one interviews with women across diverse social and economic backgrounds. Respondents include front-line journalists, working professionals, online urban entrepreneurs, domestic workers, urban and rural home makers and university students. The secondary research and the conversations focused on the impact of social media platforms on the personal and professional lives of women and the constraints they faced and navigated while using the platforms. The insights are further complemented by inputs from individual conversations and convenings facilitated by Facebook with civil society organisations working on issues of gender and digitization.

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