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Solutions for Young People of India Report
December 2, 2020

Solutions for Young People of India Report

UNICEF initiated the global Generation Unlimited (GenU) partnership in 2018 to meet the urgent needs of young people (10-24 years) across the world. GenU provides a universal agenda—all countries can and must do more to support the aspirations of young people holistically.

In this context, GenU was launched in India, as YuWaah. UNICEF and YuWaah, with support from Sattva, conducted a study that maps and analyses the work of implementating organisations focusing on the areas of –

Flexible Learning

Life Skills

Career Guidance

Skill Development and Placements

and Engagement of Young People in India

To holistically map implementing organisations that offer innovative solutions to meet the needs of young people across the five areas of analysis, we identified 250 organisations through secondary research, filtered 200 organisations based on alignment with YuWaah’s mandate and shortlisted 125 organisations based on a scoring framework.

The report adopts a mixed-methods research approach to identify organisations, map solutions, and classify actors working across the five areas. It analyses data from primary and secondary research to reveal best practices and to identify both barriers and enablers.

The Solutions for Young People of India Report summarises the main findings from the analysis—the mapping of innovative solutions, identification of white spaces and offering recommendations across the five areas. It further recommends potential roles that government, private sector, and non-government actors can play across each of the five areas.

Click here for a dashboard of the findings from the study.

To gain deeper insights on the identified and mapped solutions, the area-wise insights of the study, and the overall recommendations read the full report here.


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