Announcing a Partnership between Sattva Consulting and Societal Thinking

Enabling Impact at Scale through the Design and Orchestration of Societal Platforms
Announcing a Partnership between Sattva Consulting and Societal Thinking

Sattva Consulting and Societal Thinking are partnering together to enable inspiring leaders to solve social problems at scale. The partnership brings together the deep expertise of Societal Thinking to design solutions to solve large complex and dynamic societal problems at scale with Sattva’s sector and stakeholder expertise and the focus on realising solutions on the ground.

There is a growing recognition that solving for emergent societal problems requires collective action and approaches that distribute the ability to solve problems across a wide range of stakeholders. Societal Platforms rooted in Societal Thinking provide an opportunity to design solutions at scale, enable individual agency and localise solutions to specific contexts. At the same time, there is a need for constant engagement, enablement and collaboration to ensure leaders are able to adopt Societal Thinking to solve challenges that they are passionate about.

Sattva and Societal Thinking teams have been working together to engage with a wide range of organisations including SEEDS, Ashoka ASPIRe and initiatives such as the Bharat EdTech Initiative on the principles of Societal Thinking. Through their support, of ASPIRe Fellow, Manu Gupta, co-founder of SEEDS,  for instance, was able to design a platform enabling disaster resilience models for districts at the highest risk of climate change and pilot the same on the ground. Sattva also worked as technical partners with Ashoka ASPIRe and Societal Thinking to develop a playbook on how entrepreneurs can approach design for scale.

The two organisations will build on these collective experiences to enable collaborative initiatives to design for scale and accelerate their impact. The partnership will work towards three goals:

  • Influencing philanthropic capital towards platforms-for-impact,
  • Facilitating co-creation and collaboration amongst organisations to design and orchestrate platforms-for-impact,
  • Supporting global adoption of Societal Thinking and existing digital public goods built in India for the world.

Our collective ambition is that the realisation of these goals will empower the ecosystem to co-create responses that grow faster than the societal problems that they aspire to solve.

To materialise our goals, the partnership will take a three-pronged approach.

  • First, amplify knowledge, success stories and ways of thinking about platforms-for-impact through sectoral use cases in the Sattva Knowledge Institute and the SPace platform.
  • Second, drive global adoption of proven digital public goods by supporting localized blueprints and ensuring handholding support.
  • Lastly, identify existing and prospective collaborative solutions in India and across the globe and support adoption of Societal Thinking.

Through our efforts we aim to influence 50 million USD of philanthropic funding on new initiatives powered by Societal Thinking in the next 3 years. Our knowledge and enablement partnership looks forward to maximising our synergies and spurring the ecosystem to realise impact at scale through the medium of platforms-for-impact.

If you are interested in exploring the thought or participate in this initiative please contact or

ABOUT SATTVA: Sattva is a 10+ year old mission-driven organisation focused on scalable solutions for sustainable social impact. Sattva works with foundations, philanthropic organisations, corporates, non-profits, multilaterals and impact ecosystems across Africa, India and South-East Asia to co-create and deliver solutions for sustainable and scalable impact. Sattva works with funders and corporations to support them in maximising the social return on their investments. Sattva has past and ongoing projects with key funders including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, USAID, World Bank, UNDP, Piramal Foundation, TATA Trusts and Michael and Susan Dell Foundation.

ABOUT SOCIETAL THINKING: Societal Thinking is a set of values and design principles to reimagine and redesign the core interactions between key actors of society in a way that induces exponential change. Societal Thinking community of enablers and network-weavers pool their individual strengths to bring to life the collective vision of co-creating a resilient society – by curating learnings on social problems and platform solutions, catalysing problem-solvers and orchestrating an ecosystem where ideas become reality.

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