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The Cost of Business as Usual
The Cost of Business as Usual
September 14, 2021

The Cost of Business as Usual:
The Return of Corporate Travel

The pandemic has caused widespread devastation across the world and changed the way we go about our lives. The silver lining amidst this despondent climate is that the pandemic has also proved that flexibility is an option for most organisations. In a sense, it has pushed many organisations to quickly adapt to the new norms of social distancing and go virtual in the process.

Shortly after the pandemic halted all travel, companies quickly pivoted from in-person meetings and conferences to virtual platforms. But now, as vaccine inoculation rates are steadily increasing across the world, business travel is on the rise once again since companies value the importance of in-person meetings. However, this is a good opportunity for companies to re-evaluate and understand if business travel is even required.

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By – Dilip Nalla and Shrutee Ganguly (ESG and Sustainability Practice at Sattva)


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