Decoding Green Growth with Amitabh Kant

India’s G20 presidency is coming at a historic time. In the face of a mounting economic crisis, along with the demands placed by climate change, it is important for leading nations to pave a way

Circular Economy Models in Agriculture

Despite the lack of a common definition for circularity, there are some core principles to help us identify the concept: i. Minimising waste and pollution ii. Preserving and regenerating natural ecosystems while dealing with waste

Union Budget 2023: Many Steps in the Right Direction

Development is top of mind for the government. We think that there are several aspects of Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman’s February 1st Budget 2023 speech that are encouraging for the development sector. Three of the

Digital Platforms: Funding Landscape

Digital technology is increasingly being leveraged by organisations working in the social sector to create impact and enhance service delivery across a range of sectors. Digital public goods have the potential to unlock opportunities worth

The State of CSR in India Report

With more than INR 1.22 Lakh Crore spent in 7 years, CSR is gaining strength as a source of development finance. Understand CSR funding trends across sectors, industries and regions.

CSR Compliance – Regional Series

Sattva has hosted a series of webinars in Regional languages to help nonprofits in navigating CSR compliance requirements and to enable such NGOs to potentially leverage CSR engagement to create impact.

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