Sonam Angmo

Senior Engagement Manager - Non-profit Advisory

Sonam Angmo brings over 7+ years of holistic work experience in the social impact sector.

As a Senior Engagement Manager at Sattva, she’s part of the Non-Profit Advisory (NPA) team and leads the Short Term Advisory unit within NPA. She is responsible for leading delivery of projects, managing a team, and engaging with stakeholders for a seamless client experience. She oversees sales for the Short Term Advisory unit.

Her role involves working with a diverse set of stakeholders including non-profits, social enterprises, corporations and foundations. Recently, Sonam has also spent time working on organisation diagnostics and strategy, program design and  strategy, fundraising strategy and capability building of nonprofits. 

Prior to Sattva, Sonam worked with a CSR foundation in the space of maternal and child healthcare in Gujarat with a focus on malnutrition. She worked on the development of a Farmer Producer Organisation (FPO) diagnostic framework that was replicated across 50+ FPOs in the ecosystem. Sonam holds a Bachelor’s in Commerce (Honours) degree from Delhi University. She also earned a Masters Degree in Rural Management from the Institute of Rural Management, Anand (IRMA) in 2015.

Sattva provides her with ample opportunities to learn that help  accelerate her growth curve. . Sonam believes the organisation plays a key role in honing her as a professional  and offers a platform to live her purpose with meaningful and valuable work.

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