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Transforming Primary Care through Collaborative Action
Transforming Primary Care through Collaborative Action
February 26, 2021

Transforming Primary Care through Collaborative Action – Insights from the Virtual Roundtable

Communicable diseases contribute to 27% of the total disease burden in India1. 4.4 lakh people died in 2018 alone due to Tuberculosis, contributing to 29% of the total deaths due to Tuberculosis in the world2. The challenge is especially acute in select geographies, considering that 60% of all deaths due to Communicable diseases in 2016 were in the Empowered Action Group States (Bihar, Jharkhand, UP, Uttarakhand, MP, Chhattisgarh, Orissa and Rajasthan)1. As of February 2021, COVID-19 has resulted in 1.1 crore reported cases and 15 lakh deaths in India alone. It has also pointed out the urgent need to strengthen our public health systems against current and emerging infectious diseases.

At the same time, there are current and emerging innovations that focus on prevention, screening, early diagnosis, effective treatments and robust surveillance – all of which help minimize the disease burden of infectious diseases. However, these innovations continue to face challenges in achieving population scale. Enabling these innovations to achieve wide adoption across public and private healthcare providers requires diverse stakeholders to collaborate to establish effective pathways to scale.

Sattva with India Health Fund brought together Indian and Global Foundations, Government, Not-for-profit and Private sector leaders to discuss the role of innovations in strengthening health systems and collaborative approaches to scale innovations that will enable us to strengthen primary healthcare systems on 5th February 2021. The discussion sought to focus on key priority areas to focus on, key challenges and the role of the governments, strategic philanthropy, and private market & service providers in addressing the same.

We have created a note that summarises the key insights from the discussion.

You can also download and share the note from the link on the left of this page.


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