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How can Non-profits Pivot Effectively while Dealing with the COVID-19 Crisis?
How can Non-profits Pivot Effectively while Dealing with the COVID-19 Crisis?

How can Non-profits Pivot Effectively while Dealing with the COVID-19 Crisis?

– By Roselin Dey

‘The toughest choice to make is between safety and service in these times of crisis’. The CEO of one of the largest non-profit organisations in India said this recently while rolling out their COVID-19 response strategy.

Non-profits specifically working in the development sector are witnessing a deep impact of COVID-19. On one hand, these non-profits are trying to support communities which are struggling with access to resources, health services and sustenance. On the other hand, donor attention and funds are getting diverted towards COVID-19 relief necessitating non-profits to re-evaluate their focus. In such times, non-profits face a difficult choice whether to continue with a constrained business-as-usual path or to pivot and work on community relief/response.

Financial sustainability is one of the primary drivers for this decision and hence having a discussion to build alignment with the strategic donors is the first step. Assuming that the funders are receptive to adapting their existing grants to work on COVID-19 response, non-profits should then see this as an opportunity to maximise social impact while leveraging core ethos and expertise.

Over the last few weeks, we have had the opportunity to work deeply with one such non-profit to support and co-create their response to COVID-19 crisis.

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Roselin Dey is a Senior Engagement Manager in the Non Profit Advisory team at Sattva. She works with high potential non-profits in designing and building solutions to enable high impact on the ground. She holds more than a decade of experience in strategy, partnerships development and program management with experience in domains of Sustainability, Social Impact, Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Sattva has been working with various non-profits and social organisations as well as corporate clients to help them define their social impact goals. Our focus is to solve critical problems and find scalable solutions. We assist organisations in formulating their long-term social impact strategy by strategically aligning with business to provide meaningful solutions to social issues.

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