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Build Your Fundraising Capability
Build Your Fundraising Capability
September 27, 2021

Build Your Fundraising Capability: A Webinar Series for Non-profits

As the fundraising ecosystem in India is evolving, with several new trends and approaches across various funding channels, it is essential for non-profits to familiarise themselves with the overall funding landscape as well as develop strategies to adapt to these changes.

To that end, Sattva is hosting a series to help nonprofits build their fundraising capabilities.

The first webinar was on 22 September 2021, on – Navigating the Fundraising Landscape. It was facilitated by Rathish Balakrishnan, Co-founder and Managing Partner of Sattva Consulting.

The key highlights of the webinar were:

– In the present context, funding is changing in terms of size- ODA is on the decline while diaspora funding and CSR funding is on the rise. U/HNI is the fastest growing segment in fundraising.
– Retail giving is growing prominence with majority of funds currently being acquired informally. Technology has the potential to drive a change from informal giving to formal giving through intermediaries like funding networks and non-profit organisations.
– A three- part fundraising strategy to adopt is- To frame your story, Grow on your social capital and Find ways to reduce friction in giving.
– Important measures for donor outreach and cultivation include identifying potential funders, demonstrating strategic alignment, building credibility and exploring deeper engagements.

A section of the webinar had speakers from the Edelgive Foundation share information about the Grow Fund, an initiative which aims to create opportunities to support and build sustainable grassroot NGOs.

The webinar also covered Sattva’s Fundraising tool- A self reporting tool that allows organisations to assess their effectiveness towards achieving their fundraising outcomes.

The recording from the webinar can be accessed here.


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