Niharika Bora

Niharika is part of our People team in Bangalore, leading the internal talent acquisition practice at Sattva and also anchoring the engagement with the talent network in the social sector. She is passionate about talent and brings in deep expertise in attracting talent to technology companies and non-profits spread across India, US, Canada and Malaysia.

Prior to joining Sattva, she consulted non-profits and start-ups on their people strategy. She also runs an online community of professionals working in the social sector. She regularly writes on Quora and LinkedIn on career paths and choices.

She has an engineering degree in electronics from Nagpur University and a post graduate diploma in Human Resources from Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies.

CSR funds circulation among regions

Do you know which region in India is almost missing from CSR action?

Continuing our series on region-wise analysis of CSR funds in India (you can access the previous post here), we present here a quick snapshot of which region (companies headquartered in the region) generates how much in CSR funds and which region (social impact projects in the region) receives how much of that CSR fund :

Inter-region CSR Funds Circulation

NOTE- Size of the bubble is indicative of the quantum of money.

As is evident, the Western region followed by the Northern, are the big generators of CSR funds. On the other side, the Western region followed by the Southern region are the major recipients of CSR money.

Money flows from region to region and into projects which are all-India in nature. Here is a network analysis that shows this movement of CSR funds between regions:

Inter-region CSR Funds Circulation

The visual has two key attributes- nodes and links. Each node represents one of the six regions in India (“All India” includes all CSR projects that are not region-specific and are identified by the companies as “All India”). The colour of the node represents the region and the size represents the total CSR activity within that region i.e. CSR amount generated and spent. The arrow head depicts the direction of movement of CSR funds between regions. Please note that arrows appear only if the fund is above INR 10 Cr. The width and the colour of the arrow depicts the magnitude of CSR fund flow between regions. The wider and lighter the link, the higher the amount of CSR funds flowing between the regions and vice versa.

This chart is also available here as an interactive visual (please click to follow the link).

One of our key insights from this analysis has been on under-representation of the North-East in the entire CSR landscape. So, are the CSR funds flowing in the right direction or not?

An updated report that drills down the region-wise distribution of CSR is available here.

Meanwhile, do write to us at with your thoughts, and help us take this analysis to more stakeholders by sharing the link and our social media posts with your network.

Thank you!

Video: Design for Social Impact

“When you set off to make big social impact with product design, two things can make all the difference – the right social context and being prepared to take big risks.”

This was how our CEO Srikrishna Sridhar Murthy kicked off the Introduction to Design Thinking session for the applicants of the Design:Impact Awards.

The Awards promote visionary and transformative product design for social impact. The initiative has had a tremendous response and here is a quick glance at the applications received.

The applicants have been through selection processes and learning sessions and the finalists of Design:Impact Awards have now been selected. These life-changing innovations from all over the country are a great showcase of how great design can create great impact.

The initiative has had a tremendous response and Sattva is proud to partner with Design:Impact Awards to promote visionary and transformative product design for social impact.

Meet the finalists