Pawan Kumar

Pawan leads key Consulting Services engagements in the Mumbai region, working with CSR, CSO, Foundations and Social Enterprises across Strategy, Capacity Building, Assessment and Programme Management projects.

He has over 8 years of experience in private and development sectors. Before Sattva he worked in Analytics. His experience in the development sector focuses on harnessing and developing new skills to work on solving complex social issues. He is committed to working with CSOs to address social problems on the ground at scale.

Pawan is an MBA from VTU.


A Mumbai-based paint-manufacturing company wanted to implement an employee volunteering programme as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative to engage employees on social causes. We developed this project end-to-end, that included identifying and building a rapport with high performing, credible partners across 17 locations.

Our first step was to review NGOs in each location. A few selection parameters to select these CSR partners included financial data, due diligence based on a check list of documents, prior work experience, focus on emerging and underdeveloped areas in education (digital classroom/sports), ability to work in multi-stakeholder environments with agility, as well as provisions for infrastructure and events centred around schools. Partner NGOs were asked to propose a Programme Plan – which comprised of weekly activities, infrastructure support and final culmination event, a crucial aspect for selection. The Programme Plans of activities by 23 selected NGOs were shared with the company’s CSR team. We then designed and executed necessary internal communication campaigns to get employees to volunteer. As employee sensitisation tool, we were able to successfully use in-house workshops as well as region-wise WhatsApp groups for continued engagement and motivation. To ensure smooth functioning of on-ground activities and their monitoring, we set up a robust progress monitoring and communication system involving designated SPOCs (points of contact) within the company.

This project clearly demonstrated that a company’s CSR initiatives can be a great way to make the future generation more socially conscious and aware. Also, as a result of this engagement many employees were encouraged to continue volunteering with these NGOs independently. Through our efforts we managed to mobilise 695 employees who put in 2000+ hours of volunteering time. This project reinforced a positive perception of the company with its workforce across the board.

23 partners onboarded across 17 locations
Total investment outlay: INR 55 Lakh+
695 volunteers engaged
2000+ volunteer hours contributed
7,234 beneficiaries reached
Focus Areas: Digital Literacy, Education, Sports & Life skills, Elder Care, Child Welfare, Health and Well-Being, STEM, WASH, PwD

“This project clearly demonstrated that a company’s CSR initiatives can be a great way to make the future generation more socially conscious and aware.”