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Project Sampoorna – Annual Report
September 2, 2022

Project Sampoorna – Annual Report:
Sampoorna’s vision for change in Jharkhand and Telangana


India’s 250+ million adolescents hold the power to shape the future of this country. Adolescents who experience adversities are at a higher exposure of vulnerability which can affect their ability to grow and thrive as healthy adults, amplifying their need for social emotional learning support.

Project Sampoorna is implementing Whole Child Development (WCD) focused approaches in 2 states, Jharkhand and Telangana since 2020. In Jharkhand, the programme is supported by Porticus, Sattva Consulting, Dream-a-Dream, Quest Alliance, Kaivalya Education Foundation and IDinsight in collaboration with the Government of Jharkhand to build critical social emotional learning (SEL) skills for 1 million school going adolescents by 2024 through demonstration and capability building.

In Telangana, Project Sampoorna’s implementation partner Global Center for the Development of the Whole Child – with the support of Porticus – is working with The Telangana Social/ Tribal Welfare Residential Education Institution Societies along with the Government of Telangana for the development of a bottom-up WCD Framework and implementation of innovation packages to create outstanding residential government education institutions.

In the past year Sampoorna has been able to create a significant impact in the education ecosystem by undertaking Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and WCD interventions with adolescents, teachers, principals, parents and government officials. While still at an early stage, Sampoorna has been able to create more responsive schools which value children’s needs for holistic growth.

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