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Women in Farming: A Case for Better Representation
Women in Farming: A Case for Better Representation
October 15, 2021

Women in Farming: a Case for Better Representation

By: Ayushi Baloni
Inputs from: Ashutosh Choudhary

October 15 International Day for Rural Women, and the right time to recognise efforts made by agrarian women as the backbone of society. It is essential to realise that women need not only more opportunities for active participation but also deliberate recognition and acknowledgement for their consistent efforts. Initial policies aimed towards women did not achieve desired results due to underdeveloped information channels and lack of representation by women in rural areas.

Although most efforts by women go unnoticed due to non-quantification of their contribution, we have tried to highlight some statistics which show that rural women have a long way to go, and require deliberate interventions to empower their status in Indian society.

Read our piece that looks at data on rural women, along these parameters:

– Health
– Education
– Economic status
– Political status

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