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Video series – The Education Landscape in India
Video series – The Education Landscape in India

1.5 million public schools
260 million enrolments
India – the world’s largest and most complex education system in the world.

With learning quality still being poor, multiple stakeholders – the government, charitable organisations, private funders, corporate entities — are all collaborating to bring about systemic transformation in the way education is delivered, in order to improve learning outcomes for millions of children.

We have curated a series of videos where we ask those working within this ecosystem, what their big bets are on education reform – be it empowering middle management through leadership training, administrative reform or the ability to replicate a simple idea.

This video series is a collaboration between Sattva and AVPN.

Achieving Systematic Transformation in Education:

In education we see limited funding from CSR for capacity building for the implementors. or system level interventions which are crucial to outcomes. What is needed for achieving systematic interventions and transformation in education?

How can Ed-Tech bring about impact?

We ask those working within this ecosystem on how can Ed-Tech improve quality and usefulness of education.

How can we execute collective impact in education?

If different parties across all sectors would work together, risks can be reduced and impact can be maximised. We look at how collective impact can help maximise leverage for every rupee invested.

The role of Continuum of Capital in education.

How critical is Continuum of Capital for innovation in education? How can it be extended and expanded in the education sector?

Why focus on teacher transformation?

How effective leadership affects learning outcomes?

Where can CSR add value?
What role CSRs can play to improve quality and usefulness of education?

Education to employment

Where does secondary education need focus?

You can also learn more about the current challenges, interventions and funding landscape in education in India in our report “Funding Education with Impact”.

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