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Transitioning to a Sustainable Business
Transitioning to a Sustainable Business
September 3, 2021

Climate change is creating risks and opportunities for businesses in a diverse number of ways. There are questions arising, whether it is mandatory for a company to incorporate ESG when working on its business models and operating plans, and the response to that, should be a loud and definite ‘YES!’. Irrespective of whether the regulations are applicable or not, getting on to the sustainability journey today is an existential question.

Transition to net zero and resilient economies, that are socially inclusive, is particularly important for emerging economies like ours. Our dependencies on fossil fuels for electricity, transportation, manufacturing, or livelihood opportunities pose a heavy risk to this transition.

Investors, regulators and other stakeholders are challenging organisations to take responsibility sooner than later, by adopting an integrated, strategic approach to addressing the climate imperative.

The pathways to this transition are neither simple, nor straight forward.

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By – Shrutee Ganguly

Shrutee leads the ESG & Sustainability practice at Sattva. She is a Principal, leading engagements with corporate and strategic account clients. She has led projects with large corporations on topics related to ESG and Sustainability disclosures. She has also been working with the Corporate clients on their CSR portfolio. She believes in strengthening business systems so that its impact on climate change can be reduced. Prior to Social impact consulting, She has been part of the corporate world with experience in business consulting, strategy and process excellence.


Sattva has been working with various non-profits and social organisations as well as corporate clients to help them define their social impact goals. Our focus is to solve critical problems and find scalable solutions. We assist organisations in formulating their long-term social impact strategy by strategically aligning with business to provide meaningful solutions to social issues.

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