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Social-Emotional Learning and Parent Engagement
Social-Emotional Learning and Parent Engagement
December 24, 2021

Social-Emotional Learning and Parent Engagement –
Parents role in Social-Emotional Learning: Engagement Strategies during Lockdown

– Written by Deepika Singh from Quest Alliance with support from Mansi Dhata, Pratishtha Kohli and Akash Sain from Sattva

A UNICEF study reported that 1.6 billion children and youth were impacted due to school closures across 188 countries globally. Children continued to be one of the most vulnerable groups during COVID related lockdowns as they did not have a voice in most spaces including their families.

Social Emotional Learning, already a critical component of learning for adolescents, became even more important in the light of aggravated stress that the adolescents were enduring due to COVID-19. Social-emotional skills are at the core of a healthy adult life- mentally, socially, spiritually and truly equip us to bounce back from any limiting experiences or deficit from our contexts.

Learning starts at home, and so does Socio-Emotional Learning. According to CASEL, The insights and perspectives of families and caregivers are critical to informing, supporting, and sustaining SEL efforts.

About the article
Project Sampoorna has been working with children, parents, teachers and government officials in Jharkhand to improve social emotional learning outcomes in the child ecosystem. In this article, the author, a member of the Sampoorna consortium, shares insights on two key strategies – IVRS & Webinars that were adopted successfully for engaging with parents on SEL.

The article describes how usage of IVRS led to an increased understanding of SEL among parents and empathy towards their children’s needs. Programme implementation also led to the consortium revisiting existing notions and the article captures learnings through the webinars with parents.

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