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Shifting the Decision-Making Power in the Hands of Communities
Shifting the Decision-Making Power in the Hands of Communities
March 16, 2022

By – Meesha Gandhi and Prakriti Singh

To enhance access to better services for communities and ensure that the voices of the vulnerable and marginalised are heard and amplified, it’s crucial to focus on community-driven programmes.

Community-driven programmes (CDPs) can make transformative social changes from the bottom up by shifting the decision-making power in the hands of communities. The outcomes achieved through these programmes promise the democratisation of services and sustainability of actions. CDPs operate on the principles of transparency, participation, accountability, and enhanced local capacity. In 2018 the World Bank supported 190 active CDPs in 78 countries worldwide, valued at USD 19.2 billion.

In this article, we highlight the power of CDPs to solve developmental issues at the grassroots. We deep dive into this approach to understand the wins and challenges. Additionally, we also discuss the Participatory Learning and Action (PLA) approach, its benefits and impact as a community-driven process, and how it is being used to improve maternal and child health in different states of India.

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