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Podcast Episode 1: Talent Ecosystem and Overview
Podcast Episode 1: Talent Ecosystem and Overview
October 11, 2019

Podcast Episode 1: Talent Ecosystem and Overview

What exactly comprises of the social sector and why the trigger to be in the sector right now?

What are the types of organisations in these sectors and how many players are there currently in the Indian social ecosystem?

How can crossover talents effectively bridge the gap to fit into the sector more efficiently and perform in an effective manner?

These and other points explored in our podcast exploring the talent ecosystem. You can listen to it here.

This is the first episode of a series where we will focus on the overview of the talent landscape across the social set up. In this episode, we have with us Mr. SP Samant, who heads the Careers In Impact and Executive Search Business Unit. Samant has a decade long experience in executive search and leadership hiring. He was previously involved with corporates such as Oracle, ran a boutique consulting firm, and was also a founding member of one of the executive search firms called Longhouse Consulting.

This podcast series – hosted by Careers in Impact – is dedicated to understanding the social ecosystem and the trends of the social sector. We will discuss the culture, compensation, and challenges of the sector while giving some tips to make a successful transition.


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