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NEP (National Education Policy) Series
NEP (National Education Policy) Series

NEP (National Education Policy) Series

– by Arpitha Rao and Farhan Yusuf


The National Education Policy (NEP) 2019 has suggested some monumental shifts for education in India. The policy has reflected on problems across all stages of education including ECCE, foundational learning, secondary education and higher education. This series of articles covers Sattva’s perspective on the changing policy landscape and how solutions can take shape in the coming future.

A closer look at the ECCE landscape: Critical role of the non-profit ecosystem
The latest UNICEF’s programme guidance for Early Childhood Development reiterated that this area is considered an international priority and foundational to the SDGs given the scientific research around the importance of first 8 years of human life . National Education Policy (NEP) 2019 affirms this universal fact but fails to address certain key gaps in the institutional delivery of Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE). Despite policy gaps over the years, there have been key players who constantly supported the implementation side of ECCE. This article aims to bring out the growing need to understand the active solution space of the non-profit ecosystem within the ECCE landscape and present effective ways of greater collaboration and comprehensive solutions.

As a sector, the non-profit ecosystem offers a variety of solutions to strengthen the last mile delivery. Broadly the interventions target needs around health, pre-school education and responsive care through separate programs with few key players offering integrated services.

The full article can be accessed below.

NEP Series by Sattva – Full article

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