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India is Changing
India is Changing
December 26, 2019

India is Changing

India is vast, diverse and complex. And India is changing.

We are leap-frogging into development with digital transformation and an educated, aspiring middle class. But we have massive societal challenges to address. Widespread malnutrition, serious urban pollution, inequalities, massive employment opportunity challenges, skewed gender ratio in every sphere, a slow-moving judicial system and many such systemic issues need our urgent attention and action. But unless we know where the problems are and their magnitude, how do we begin to tackle them?

We decided to address this problem by making data accessible and understandable to everyone. Today, under the Government’s open data policy and initiative, tons of useful data is available in the public domain. But not every organisation and individual is equipped with relevant data analysis skills to work with the lakhs of data-sets available and to make sense out of them.

Data is the new oil. But just like crude oil, raw data is of limited use. It needs to be processed, refined and curated for it become useful fuel to power action.

On 1st January 2019, we launched our new initiative – India Data Insights – with the aim of making actionable data insights available to everyone in the form of ready-to-use charts and interactive dashboards.

The United Nations 2030 agenda consisting of 17 Sustainable Development Goals provides a uniform framework for tracking development across the globe. We follow the same for India on Along with the portal, we also published a Sattva Calendar for 2019 with SDG data on each page. The focus was on providing quick and easy access to interesting insights on how India has changed over the years. You can download a copy here. And watch out this space for Sattva Calendar 2020!

Data is powerful. Let’s harness the power of data to make sharper decisions and achieve better impact.

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