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Impact of COVID on Girls’ Education
Impact of COVID on Girls’ Education
August 4, 2021

Impact of COVID on Girls’ Education – Insights on Current Landscape and Way Forward

Faced with a complete shutdown of the education system, loss of livelihood and not enough food on the table, vulnerable families across India are once again opting for a quick-fix solution to tide over economic pressures. Have we imagined what it means for our girls? Over the last couple of weeks as a part of a project engagement in Sattva, we had the opportunity to see this disparity in action. As schools show no signs of reopening due to the second COVID wave,13 non profits in India were interviewed based on their work at the grassroots to understand the growing gender gap in accessibility and sustainment of learning. In this article, we have attempted to synthesise some of our major findings from the engagement, validate them further with data and practitioner perspectives and share informed recommendations on the solution.

Key Findings:
1. Deprioritisation of girl education and a surge in child marriages
2. Lack of agency and challenges in accessing / using digital means of learning
3. Lack of mentorship and emotional support for girls to continue learning

The full piece, with key findings and a recommended way forward can be accessed here:


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1. Swarnava Gupta – Senior Consultant

2. Farhan Shaikh – Associate Consultant


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