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For the Right Frame of Mind

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In this column, Shrutee Ganguly talks about how taking care of employees’ mental wellbeing must be a priority for the sector.

Earlier this year, the WHO recognised burnout as an occupational phenomenon, bringing into sharp focus the correlation between work and mental health. However, in the social development sector, several factors combine to magnify the problem.

Whether in social development or disaster scenarios, the emotional needs of the communities affected are addressed immediately, as they should be. What is often left out are the social workers who might struggle with their own mental wellbeing.

To better manage the mental health of the workers and respondents, it is crucial to regularly engage with them and assess their mental health. At Sattva, for instance, employees are frequently tested on these even during a regular workday. Interviewing commercial sex workers on their challenges in rehabilitation as part of programme evaluation, or analysing numbers showing abysmal figures on acute undernourishment of children can be extremely intense. Many times one feels helpless and hopeless. Being firmly grounded in solving problems and unwavering focus on the larger purpose help. But how do we ensure that we take care of it for everyone?

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This article was originally published in Impact Magazine.

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