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Changing the World, One PPT at a Time
Changing the World, One PPT at a Time

Changing the World, One PPT at a Time

– By Arpitha Rao

I completed one year at Sattva Consulting recently on Jan 2nd. With the New Year kicking in and the mind slipping into its usual year-end reflections, like everybody else I asked myself what was my 2019 all about? Well, it was about changing the world one PPT at a time.

Consulting and PPTs are inseparable and as an impact consultant where your advisory should inevitably lead to tangible impact on the ground, it is all the more important to get those PPT skills right! My small team of members (myself, the firm’s Principal and ever helpful Associates) took a journey to productize service offerings of a leading education foundation in the country. At the end of 9 months, we delivered (no pun intended) ~800 pages of 8 strategy decks that we co-created with the 50+ kindest and brightest educational and behavioral-change leaders in the client firm.

While these 8 PPT decks contain a blueprint for educational transformation in India, the consulting assignment taught me invaluable lessons in systemic thinking and leadership. The process involved understanding the education machinery across 10 Indian states deeply across domains of technology, legal, governance, people development, organization design, and systems.

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Arpitha Rao is part of our Transformation Advisory team and is based in our Bangalore office. Her current work focuses on large-scale transformations in public education. Before Sattva, Arpitha has worked with Teach for India, the India Literacy Project, and Greatest Common Factor. She followed up her Engineering degree with a Masters from TISS and an MBA from ISB.

Sattva has been working with various non-profits and social organisations as well as corporate clients to help them define their social impact goals. Our focus is to solve critical problems and find scalable solutions. We assist organisations in formulating their long-term social impact strategy by strategically aligning with business to provide meaningful solutions to social issues.

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