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Can you Predict the Future?
Can you Predict the Future?
July 3, 2020

Can you Predict the Future?

– By Arnab Mukherjee

Kings dethroned

Nokia, a household name in the mobile phone industry in the early 2000s, took rapid strides to emerge as market leader in the mobile phone industry in a short span of time with ~40% market share at one point. However, its fall from the summit was as swift as its rise. One of the key reasons attributed to its failure was its inability to foresee the future disruption of the mobile industry by smart phones.

Kodak, the King of photography for large parts of the 20th century, after years of decline finally filed for bankruptcy in 2012. Kodak failed to see potential in the technology that it itself had invented…digital photography!

Disruptions however are nothing new. More than 100 years ago, the Ford Motor Company revolutionized transportation through the mass production of the automobile which disrupted several industries, including wagon and carriage businesses.

In more recent times, e-commerce, the sharing economy, alternative media platforms such as Netflix have all disrupted traditional business models.

Innovative business models however are not the only source of disruption. Increasingly, forces such as extreme weather events, climate change, geopolitical instability, and even global pandemics (as we witness now) are emerging as severe threats to businesses.

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Arnab Mukherjee is a Senior Knowledge Manager at Sattva. He drives knowledge management within Sattva and engages with clients on building sustainable businesses for them. He holds more than a decade of experience in knowledge and research in top management consulting firms in the domains of supply chain and corporate strategy.

Sattva has been working with various corporate clients to help them define their social impact goals and maximise the return on social investment. Our focus is to solve critical problems and find scalable solutions. Several corporates have been a partner to many such collaborations where effective CSR programmes have strategically aligned with business and have provided meaningful solutions to social issues.

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