Alysha Lobo

I am extremely proud to have been part of this organisation, everything it stands for and all the extraordinary work that they do. I am particularly privileged to have been a part of the response to Covid during the first wave. If I had not taken the leap of faith to move from corporate to impact, I would not have had the chance to experience what making an impact truly means.

Through my journey at Sattva, I have been inspired and amazed with everyone’s irrational commitment to impact. I truly believe that I have evolved, both personally and professionally as a direct result of this time I have spent at Sattva.

(Core founder at CovidAsha bot for Covid response)

Komal Rathod

I was with Sattva between 2016-19 and it was a wonderful experience. I had the privilege to be a part of a team that was driven, energetic, committed to a cause, and worked tirelessly to get the job done. It was an environment that fostered diverse perspectives and skills, enabled learning, taught us to work as a team, and ensured that we grew along the way! Working at Sattva was an incredibly rewarding experience and it is one that I will always remember!

(The Fletcher School, Tufts University)

Dakshesh Thacker

As a Consultant at Sattva, I have had the opportunity to work with some of India and the world’s leaders in development across diverse thematic areas. The knowledge driven and outcome focused approach that we took in our work with these leaders has made me a better observer of development, of people and life at large. Life at Sattva, especially the Mumbai office was a collaborative, high growth, high excitement life and at all times I felt I was growing in all multi-dimensions and towards the growth of an institution which more than a consulting firm was disrupting the way we look at social impact in India.

(Fall 2021 Master’s for Public Administration candidate at Columbia SIPA)

Aishwarya Heda

Sattva has been one of the best decisions I have made! It has transformed me, probably helped me grow-up. This place will give you opportunities to work in education, employment, women empowerment, healthcare, and youth development while trusting you with innumerable opportunities to grow.

(Wharton MBA, Class of’23)

Anita Kumar

I worked with Sattva for over 3 years from 2017-2020, and I can easily say these were some of the happiest years of my professional life! Krishna has managed to create something almost impossible with Sattva – a perfect balance between being community-focused, business-focused and employee-focused. Every day I could come to work knowing I was going to be challenged to achieve great impact while being given the freedom to take risks and experiment, and that the organization will always have my back. I worked on some of the most interesting and impactful projects including a social enterprise awards/ incubation project, multiple education related projects and comprehensive solutions within drinking water and gender. I worked across research, program management and strategy projects and enjoyed every bit of it. Enough can’t be said about the exceptional talent Sattva manages to attract– it was a privilege to work with such self-motivated, smart people across the organization, and the bonds we formed persevere beyond just my time at Sattva.

(India CSR Lead at Amazon)

Garima Goel

I joined Sattva when it was a small company and had 15 employees in its Delhi office. During my 3 years tenure, I have seen it transform into a brand and a thought leader. But the thing that remained constant was the focus on radical candour and the support provided to each employee who wanted to take an initiative- be it an internal project, a sector-specific market report or being part of a sales conversation.
The leadership at Sattva perfectly embodies its values. Even while being the youngest member in a room, I was always given the space and respect to share my thoughts in front of a client. Dissent was appreciated in Sattva and was considered the medium to reach highly effective strategies. Regular and authentic feedback was systematised with a two-fold objective of helping the employee in planning their career path in the social sector and getting better at what they do every day.
I am really glad I got the chance to witness the expansion of Sattva and contribute to it.

Taanya Khare

I worked at Sattva Consulting for 3 years and have seen it evolve into a dynamic yet extremely resilient organization. The key reason I believe is its people and the shared vision to make a difference. As a Sattvan, I was provided with several opportunities and experiences to learn from my peers, seniors and always found myself challenged to deliver my best. I felt a sense of autonomy to deliver independent projects, initiatives but also was provided mentoring when needed. This enabled me to enhance my technical skills and build leadership skills like project and personnel management.

As an aspiring leader within the sector, I believe that my growth within Sattva has prepared me for the challenges ahead and for that I am grateful. There’s something about Sattva that leaves an indelible imprint and re-affirms your commitment to impact. It’s this something, this shared vision, that will help Sattva go achieve great things in the future.

(Oxford MBA, Class of ’22)